「Company News」Shenzhen UpnMed Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. won the "Excellent Member Award" double honors

       On May 30, 2022, Secretary Xian of Gongming Street Office of Guangming New District, Director Ye of Gongming Enterprise Office, Chairman Yu of Gongming Chamber of Commerce of Guangming Federation of Industry and Commerce, and other leaders awarded the "Excellent Member Award" medal to Shenzhen UpnMed Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. to express their respect for The affirmation and encouragement of the company's work and contributions in the previous year is a great support and recognition of the company's development vision of "helping tens of thousands of hospitals around the world to better use medical consumables". All colleagues in Shenzhen UpnMed Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. will not forget their original aspirations, continue to work hard, create greater glories, and repay the society.