「Company Dynamic」Congratulation! UpnMed Got Temperature Probe CFDA Certificates


Recently, another new product of our company has obtained the medical device registration certificate issued by the Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration: the registration certificate of single-use and reusable temperature probe medical devices, Yuexiaozhun 20202071992;

【Scope of application】

It is used in conjunction with compatible temperature monitoring equipment to collect and transmit patient temperature signals.

【Product Features】

1. The measurement value has high accuracy, and the accuracy is kept at ±0.1℃ within the range of 25℃-45℃;

2. The foam reflective sticker effectively isolates the ambient temperature and radiant light to ensure the normal operation of the sensor;

3. With a variety of adapter cables, compatible with various mainstream monitors.

4. Good insulation protection is set to prevent electrode risks, and it is safer to use;

5. The viscous foam that has passed the biocompatibility evaluation can fix the temperature measurement position without irritation to the skin.

The acquisition of the "Medical Device Registration Certificate" for body temperature probes enriches the company's existing product categories, further enhances the company's comprehensive competitiveness and market expansion capabilities, and will have a positive impact on the company's future development and operation;

Our company will continue to make progress and continue to develop more medical products suitable for use in various departments of hospitals to help hospitals around the world use medical consumables better.