「Company Dynamics」 15th Happy meeting-Thumbs Card lucky draw winners list


Since the 7th Happy Conference, Shenzhen UpnMed Equipment Co., Ltd. has launched a lucky draw for customers' praise cards. Every customer who purchases our products will receive a thumbs-up card and comment on our service attitude, shipping speed, product quality, and cost-effectiveness. The thumbs-up card that receives feedback will be put into the lucky draw box. Participate in the lucky draw in the happy meeting next month. In order to repay the positive response and enthusiastic participation of our customers, lucky customers with corresponding quotas will be drawn out every month and given phone bills, product coupons, etc. as lucky prizes.

The 15th happy meeting praise card lottery was drawn by Xiao Sulan, the gold medalist who ranked first in workshop points.

Congratulations to the following lucky customers:

The Philippines ** account manager won a 100 yuan shopping card in this month's "Customer Like Card" lucky draw!

The New Zealand ** account manager won a 100 yuan shopping card in this month’s "Customer Like Card" lucky draw!

Manager Yang ** of Yunnan won a prize of RMB 100 in phone bills in this month's "Customer Like Card" lucky draw!

Good products and services are inseparable from your real feedback. Thanks to all customers for your support, Youpin Medical will continue to grow in your suggestions and feedbacks and continue to maintain good quality, and strive to provide you with the best quality service!