【Company Dynamic】Again awarded-Our company has won the honor and award of "keep the soil and bear the wind and rain together"


Since its establishment, Shenzhen UpnMed Equipment Co., Ltd. has been striving to become a socially responsible enterprise, actively responding to various government donations for poverty alleviation activities.  Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the company has donated money to Wuhan, donated the company to produce epidemic prevention products, and donated epidemic prevention masks to Shenzhen Gongming Xitian Co., LTD.  In June 2021, a series of small-scale outbreaks broke out in Guangzhou and Dongguan. All parts of Shenzhen strictly controlled the spread of the epidemic and organized nucleic acid tests and other epidemic prevention work for the whole population.  To facilitate epidemic prevention and control and ensure the physical and mental health of front-line workers.  On the morning of June 9, 2016, representatives of UpnMed Company donated 5 boxes of cool drinks to community medical workers and epidemic prevention and control workers in Xitian.  Knowing that the power supply of nucleic acid testing mobile phone scanning code of medical staff was insufficient, the general manager of Upin Medical drove dozens of kilometers at midnight to deliver dozens of charging banks to the front-line staff, helping the epidemic prevention work smoothly.  UpnMed contributes to epidemic prevention and control through donation and material support, which reflects its concern for the daily life of front-line epidemic prevention and control personnel, its support and care for front-line protest work, and the responsibility and love of caring units and enterprises.  

In July 2021, wu, the director of Shenzhen Gongming Xitian Co., LTD., led the leaders of the company and the leaders of the Xitian Party Working Committee to visit Shenzhen UpnMed Equipment Co., LTD., and awarded the medal ceremony of "Guarding soil and Bearing the Wind and rain together" to express encouragement and gratitude for the company's assistance in epidemic prevention and control activities.  Shenzhen UpnMed Equipment Co., Ltd. will continue to make positive contributions to social charity and strive to become a more socially responsible and influential enterprise.